Duane's Roles In Films

BECAUSE THEY'RE YOUNG(1960) Duane's first film role, as himself, appearing at a High School Dance with The Rebels. The film features an edited version of the Jamie track "Shazam". Although not featured in the film, Duane's version of the theme became one of his biggest hits.

A THUNDER OF DRUMS (1961) Duane plays Trooper Tully in classic Cavalry-verus-Indians film. Duane plays guitar & banjo during the film, including the self-composed "Fort Canby Dance", "Water From a Bad Well" and "Portrait of Camden Yates".

THE WILD WESTERNERS (1962) Duane has a major role as Deputy Clint Fallon & also composed the title theme for the film. The soundtrack version was later re-recorded by Duane for RCA.

THE SAVAGE SEVEN (1968) A violent "Indians-versus-motorcycle gang" film that was refused a UK certificate but which has since become an underground classic. Duane features as gang-member "Eddie" but has no musical involvment in either the film or the soundtrack.

KONA COAST (1968) Set in Hawaii, the film stars Richard Boone as a seaman investigating the cause of his daughter's death. Richard invited Duane to appear in the film, so the role of "Tiger Cat" was created for him. Duane features on both acoustic & electric guitar.

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