The Duane Eddy Circle, the Official International Fan Club for Duane Eddy, was established in England in 1975. Duane fully endorses the Circle & its activities. The Circle currently has members in 22 countries around the world. The Circle issues a regular newsletter "Twangsville" (latest issue #92 issued June 2011) to keep members informed on the latest news about Duane's activities & CD releases. The Circle maintains a stock of Duane's material for sale to members. The Circle also organises a Convention in London, which has become a highlight of the UK Instrumental Calendar - 2011 convention celebrated our 33rd year of conventions.

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A subscription to the Circle is 15.00 for the UK, €25 for Europe and $30 for Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Payment (in UK currency only) should be made out to DECUK and sent to The Duane Eddy Circle, P.O. Box 203, Sheffield S1 1XU. U.K.
US members should send $30.00 (payable to J. McDowell) to Jim McDowell, 1502 Yarmouth Lane, Old Hickory, TN 37138, USA.

You can email Arthur Moir  
The Circle Secretary -

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