Sunday May 26th (1.15pm – 5.30pm) at The Polish Club Amersham
Doors open for access to Polish Club Bar at 12.45 – please do not take any
food or drinks of your own into the Club.


Early Bird Tickets are available to order by post or e-mail from DECUK before May 16th and cost £6 single & £10 double; along with each Early Bird Ticket you will receive a £3.00 discount voucher to spend at the Circle Shop.

If you order an advanced ticket and are then unable to attend, the cost of your tickets will
be refunded as long as you let us know by noon on the day of the Convention; if you
find that you can’t make it please send a text to 0752 699 7228. 

Full price tickets (£10.00 single & £15.00 double) will be on sale at the door.

            It’s an amazing thought that 41 years on from our first Convention, we would be getting together for another Convention – our 39th!


There's a very special programme for you this year, but not giving away too many secrets, so here’s
just a taste of what we have in store for you.  First off, new tracks!!  As you will have seen from
the first two articles in Twangsville #126, Duane and Mickey Raphael have composed three
tracks for the new Willie Nelson film, and you can hear them at the convention!! 
Also there’s the new track with Jim Hoke to look forward to. 
And of course we will be featuring video clips from Duane’s UK concerts from 2018. Jim has prepared over 80 minutes of
new video/audio marterial.

This year will see the return of the MasterMind quiz, with 10 “twangtastic questions” from
Arthur and 10 “name-that-tune” challenges from Philip!! 
One of the prizes is a 100% unique shoulder bag with an image of Duane that Duane signed in Manchester especially for the Convention and here’s some more, including a signed
poster from the 2018 tour, a copy of the double-CD of the concert at the London
Palladium that was available only at the venues plus a giant T-towel, which would
look great framed!!  
There’s also a copy of the ROAD TRIP CD signed by Duane, a poster from Duane’s
concert at Viva Las Vegas last year, generously donated by Den & Rose  Mathews and
a postcard disc plus a few photos  donated by Pam Smith. 

Malcolm & Julian will be manning the Circle Store, with lots of goodies for you to buy, including
some ROAD TRIP  memorabilia, so make use of your amazing discount
vouchers (spend more than £12 and you will receive a refund of £6.00
on the cost of your purchases so that means you will get back the cost of
your admission ticket – we must be mad!!).
            There’s only one way to bring the day to a close, and there’s no doubt that it will be an explosive close, and that’s a set from the Twang Gang!!  The set list runs to more than 20 tunes, and these will feature pretty well every Duane Eddy signature guitar – including the new 6-string bass guitar that Philip will be putting through its paces, as well as the Gretsch 6120, the Guild and the Gibson.
            It’s going to be a great day – see you there!!



During the opening sets, we will be concentrating on Duane’s 2018 UK tour, but there’s so much more to present this year. And as at every Convention, the Twang Gang will take to the stage to bring the day to a very special close - and of course we will take a moment to remember our “Lost Friend”, the one and only Spencer Scott, who appeared in our tribute band from our second Convention in 1979, right through to last year.

In the earlier part of the Convention we will be looking back to the 1980 Convention, as it was at that Convention that Duane introduced us to a previously-unheard gem titled FATA MORGANA a tune composed by Duane & Lee that was the theme from a feature that Lee Hazlewood developed for Swedish TV that won “The Golden Rose” at the Montreux Festival in 1979. The segment includes the finalised version of the theme, a cover of DANCE WITH THE GUITAR MAN and some off the wall clips – try to imagine Lee riding a space ship for example!!
You can also preview some snippets of another Convention video that we have in store for you on the Circle’s Facebook Pages, where Jim Grant has posted another, previously unseen, clip: https://www.facebook.com/duaneeddycircle/videos/2024423167647947/ - it’s from Duane’s appearance on THE MUSICAL TIME MACHINE in 1975.
As always, we will have a raffle and if there’s time we will try to also include a Mastermind Quiz. A full list of the prizes will be in the May issue, but here’s a preview of one item.

Hans Stroth travelled over from Germany for Duane’s Manchester concert and showed me this shoulder tote bag that he obtained from a music store in Germany; Duane & Deed loved it as soon as they saw it, and immediately Duane grabbed a pen and signed it so that it could be a totally unique prize for the Convention. Many thanks to Hans & Duane!!!



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