Road Trip

Full details and commentary on Duane's album released 20 June 2011 in UK


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Track by track commentary:-

1.The Attack Of The Duck Billed Platypus(Jon Trier) 4:07
The ee-rie opener to the album, already available on Duane's facebook page, has the twang meister at his best on a thunderous Danelectro stormer. A memorable melody that heralds the new era of Duane Eddy songs in the 21st century.
2.Twango(Duane Eddy) 2:51
Already acknowledged as a tribute to Django Reinhardt this is Duane pickin' 'em finger style proving his versatility and that he is just a great guitarist - indeed the guitarists guitarist! Jazz influenced wonderment.
3.Curveball*(Duane Eddy) 3:33
The first track to receive UK airplay! This rocks along at a driving pace augmented by Jon Tier's piano and Ron Dziubla's sax. There's even some fuzz guitar to keep the beat to ensure that you move your feet!
4.Road Trip(Duane Eddy) 2:52
A stand out track that strolls along with a melody that you'll be humming long after you put the album away (why would you do that?). This will have you on repeat play over and over again. Hallmark Duane and a possible future single?
5.Bleaklow Air(Jon Trier) 4:14
The second track that Jon Trier composed so the piano is heavily featured on this wistful tune. It slows down the pace from track 1 and conjures up the ambiance of what Bleaklow is really like. By the way Bleaklow is a district on the A57 on the Pennines in Derbyshire North England. You'll actually feel the air with this soon to be classic. A ballad for listening to with the lights down low!
6.Kindness Ain’t Made Of Sand(Duane Eddy/Richard Hawley) 3:50
The first of four joint compositions of Duane with Richard Hawley, this is another ballad with the two guitarists interacting with each other. A sleepy melody that is just right for late night listening. Haunting and uncompromising you'll study the title and imagine restful thoughts.
7.Mexborough Ferry Boat Halt(Duane Eddy/Shez Sheridan) 3:44
The first of two joint compostions of Duane with Shez Sheridan. The title refers to a railway station long closed near the River Don where the ferry crossed to Old Denaby before a bridge was built (again a district in Derbyshire).The train whistle sound acts as an introduction to a cheery number that gathers pace before coming to a halt.
8.Desert Song(Duane Eddy/Richard Hawley) 5:49
A slow plantive song full of emotion and soul searching it's the longest track on the album. A beautiful melody combing the talents of Duane and the group.
9.Primeval*(Duane Eddy/Richard Hawley) 2:33
Duane and Richard have managed to combine the menace and the intrigue of Ron's rasping sax which harmonises with the predatory theme.
10.Rose Of The Valley*(Duane Eddy/Richard Hawley) 3:49
You can almost hear the missing words to this song although a wordless chorus begins after Ron's softer sax break (did anybody think of writing some?). A simple melody that's contagious and repetitive so highly memorable.
11.Franklin Town(Duane Eddy/Shez Sheridan) 2:37
The final track is an acoustic tribute to Duane's home (Franklin Tennessee just on the outskirts of Nashville). If you favoured "Along Came Linda" then this is for you.


Inventive first class material with forty minutes of an instantly excitable and landmark album. Finely produced and recorded in Sheffield in October 2010. Eighteen tracks were recorded in total, this sensational selection will have you gasping for the release of the final seven. "Artifacts of Twang" recorded a few years ago never saw commercial release but hopefully the success of this album will pave the way. "Road Trip" is available on CD, vinyl and download. Why not acquire all three versions - you won't regret it? It's been a long wait but this trip is well worth it!

King Of Twang! King Of The Road! King Of The Road Trip!

Duane Eddy - Guitar, Richard Hawley - Guitar and co-producer, Colin Elliot - Bass and co-producer, Shez Sheridan - Guitar, Jon Trier - Piano, Dean Beresford - Drums, Ron Dziubla - Sax*